County Meet Result: We are top 10

Dear MPST Families,

I am thrilled to let you all know that our team placed 10th in the county meet. We are so proud of all MPST families: for the love of the sport and our league, we together make this happen!!! This season will be another incredible memory for all of us.

Some highlights about our coaching teams:

All our coaches are students and current swimmers and fight for the team like any other swimmers.

This is their first time coaching MPST, but the County recognized their outstanding efforts. One board member told Dylan and Andy that the ultimate decision for Coach of the Year was super close but came down between Dylan/Andy and the winner. She congratulated their efforts for reviving the team at such a young age and commended the team’s success at County.

They are very likely the youngest and highest-scoring coaching staff in County Meet history, contributing 361 points for the team.

With our journey accomplished, most of our coaches will be leaving for college. We wish them the best and hope to see them next season.

Special thanks and love to the 2022 Coaching team:

Dylan Yin, Alex Zhong, Joshua Kim, Jenise Waithe , William Nguyen, Jeffery Xu, Sean Lin, and Andy Zhu.

You are awesome!!!


Iris & MPST board members.

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