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Parent Policies

Parents are the backbone of our organization. You the parents have exposed your swimmers to this great sport and you sacrifice your time and energy to assist the Sharks be successful. In conjunction with the teams management we would like to make sure the we are always encouraging and providing positive support at all times.

  1. We want your swimmer to establish a constructive relationship with their coach concerning swimming matters as soon as possible. A good relationship between coach and swimmer produces the best results for both the swimmer and the team. When parents interfere with a coach's opinion as to how the swimmer should swim or train, it can cause considerable confusion for the swimmer. If you have a problem or concern involving your swimmer, please contact the coach immediately, via the coach folder or by the Contact Us  page (Click Coach).
  2. Always offer support and encouragement; never lecture your child about a poor race.  Let your swimmer discuss the race with the coach.
  3. New and younger swimmers are most likely to experience inconsistent performances (e.g. times).  This inconsistency can be frustrating for parents, coaches, and the swimmer.  As the swimmers spend time in the water, their inconsistencies will improve.  Parents and coaches must be patient and permit these young swimmer to learn to love the sport.
  4. Use good manners at swim meets.  After the starter has blown the whistle, remain silent until the race has begun, then shout your encouragement.
  5. The entire team is run with volunteer efforts, which means parent participation is required to have a successful season.  There are several volunteer positions for each meet, picture day, parties, etc.... and ALL positions need to be filled and worked the entire time of the shift.  Each family must complete 100 points of volunteer activity to not have to pay the $150 volunteer fee.  Please note, 100 points is a minimum and to staff all meets and auxiliary positions we need closer to 125 points per family.  You will be expected to meet the minimum volunteer requirements each year.  Any family who does not meet the minimum volunteer 100 points per season will pay a $150 fee for unfilled service hours.
  6. Please help when asked; even though we have a minimum volunteer requirement there are times we need extra help or all hands on deck.  Life happens, kids get sick, plans change and we may sometimes need an extra hand.  Please help when you can.
  7. If you have experience in running organizations like a swim team, and you have the time and willingness, make your interest known to the Director. Please do not be bashful, we are open to the assistance by all of the talented and wonderful parent pool we have.
  8. MPST believes in a partnership between returning and new parents.  We ask that our returning parents make a connection with new parents and assist them with learning the team and league's policies and procedures, for a successful swim season.  If you are a new parent please do not hesitate in reaching out for assistance and to provide your fresh input as well.
  9. Remember that when we work together as a team, it shows on the inside and outside.  
  10. A well oiled team creates swimmers that are aware, of the sport of swimming and that will continuously strive to demonstrate sportsmanship.
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